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Posted on 31/07/2015 by seabee on Design, Illustration, Layout, Print Design

Vote for your favorite calendar page

Finally! The design for the SPÖ family calendar 2016 is finished and is ready to be printed this autumn in large quantities. Every single page is different! Full of colors, games, adventures and new friends for the children to meet. I love the concept of an “interactive” calendar that suggests activities for the entire family (and also hopefully serves as a nice wall decoration).

Now that the project is finished I would really love to know your opinion about it. I wonder most about which of the pages are your favorite. As I can’t make up my own mind and everyone who I have asked so far, has given me a different answer, that seems to be a really tricky one. I am really curious about the results, will there be a trend? or will every page gain a similar amount of votes?

Please help me to find out and vote for your favorite page.
(click on the page to see a bigger version)

You can also comment below for more specific feedback, it will be highly appreciated. As of course next years calendar should become even better. Thank you!

PS: The cover is not included in the vote as it’s based on a different layout (no calendar sheet).

Which is your favorite page? 

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