Seabee Design Studio

I designed and illustrated the entire Spö family calendar for 2016. Every page is full of colors, games, adventures and new friends for the children to meet. I would love know which page you like the most, please vote for your favorite one here.

The calendar will be available from september on. (Approx. 30.000 exemplars)

This is a video I made, to show you how I make the illustrations for the calendar.

Enjoy :)


cover1-e1438450575103.jpg january-e1438450623782.jpg february-e1438450659294.jpg march-e1438450689207.jpg april1-e1438450709126.jpg may-e1438450738764.jpg june-e1438450778794.jpg july-e1438450826623.jpg august1-e1438450896706.jpg september-e1438450926286.jpg oktober-e1438450961463.jpg november-e1438450991122.jpg december-e1438451019735.jpg close-ups.jpg