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My video is about 3 Must-Do Water Activities in the Soča Valley. Featuring not only the activities (rafting, canyoning, kayaking) and people having great fun, but also the beautiful landscape and surroundings.


I’ve done and filmed the activities in friendly cooperation with Hydromania – Sports Agency Bovec (non-commercial) Feel free to book your hydroventure with them through: Hydromania also provided and is in charge of their former clients approval for the recording of this video material and its publication.


Throughout the summer I’ve used all sorts of cameras and gear to film this. The goal was to keep it low-budget. Some of them: Nikon D750 (hand-held), GoPro HERO6 BLACK, HERO5 and HERO (mounted to heads, chests, paddles and freestyle hand-held) DJI Mavic Air and of course my phone (Iphone 7). The color correction and editing was done in Adobe Premiere Pro.


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This is my personal playground and mainly shot on an Iphone 7 (+ Moment lenses for smartphones). I believe it’s the IDEA that matters, not the gear. Especially in a time where PHONES have become incredibly functional and can easily be turned into your own low-budget Mini-DSLR or film camera.

Everything you need to know about your next holiday in this area: 


On the first day you will go on an adrenaline-driven whitewater rafting trip on the stunning emerald Soča River surrounded by mighty mountains. This is the perfect introduction to venturesome water activities. It requires teamwork, balance and fearless determination to cross those roaring rapids through real-life Narnia (It’s true, parts of Narnia where filmed there). The question is; Are you gonna jump in or not?

On the second day you will most certainly get wet! Actually, you will be soaked from head to toe! Canyoning will free your inner-child, challenge your fears and it will be SO MUCH FUN. Depending on the level of difficulty you are ready to face, you’ll have the choice between different canyons such as Sušec, Fratarica and Predelica (and some more). Wherever you go it will be a truly unforgettable experience full of laughter and pride in your achievements; you will get in touch with the unknown and overcome scary moments before big jumps, steep water slides and dazzling waterfalls. This is nature at its best.

On the third day you are ready to steer your own adventure – and boat. You are going kayaking! (Beginners can also choose a so called sit-on-top kayak) Not to worry though, you will be accompanied by an experienced guide, who will teach you the basics and lead you safely down the sparkling green waters of the Soča River. Sit back and relax, on this tour you will have enough time to fully appreciate the surrounding landmarks while paddling – this is the perfect combination of both adrenaline and incredible nature. After this you have completed 3 amazing water activities worth remembering a life time (and definitely repeating them whenever possible with your friends and family!)

PS: All activities are offered at different skill levels (family friendly to extreme).

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